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Welcome to Care Perfections Career Institute

cimgWho dictates America's future? You do! Your dreams and their fulfillments are the measure of what our country is capable of.

Today, one of the most highly dynamic industries in America is Healthcare. Your participation in this industry could determine the overall health of the state's population in the future.


We invite you to become a healthcare professional. Care Perfections Career Institute is a respected educator of nurse aides, caregivers and supportive care personnel. We produce professionals with every batch that passes through our programs. We hope you will enroll and be part of our next batch of graduating healthcare practitioners.

You can enter the field of home care and community health services by becoming a certified nursing assistant or a home health aide. We currently offer Personal Care Aide training and Certified Nursing Assistant Training

If you are interested in enrolling, please call (703) 659-9640 for guidance.


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We grow through education. We improve through research. We become whole persons by being involved in the care of others. We create professionals to answer the needs of the elderly, the ill and the disabled.
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